Partners in Education was founded in 1998 by Margaret Bevan and Valerie Hammond. It was created in response to a demand for courses in training teachers to assess and teach pupils with dyslexia/specific learning difficulties.  It is now an exam center for OCR in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.

The courses  we have developed  are currently being run in three specialist schools for dyslexics - Fairley House in Pimlico, Blossom House in Wimbledon and Limespring School In Finchley. We have also developed a blended learning on line course based at our centre in Potters Bar.

The company has also developed many resources over the years, specifically relating to literacy and numeracy.  These resources created from our own experiences in teaching dyslexic learners and follow structured, sequential and cumulative methodology. We pride ourselves on the affordability of our materials and have been commended for this by practising teachers.  Additionally,  we have spent time sourcing materials that we think would be of use to teachers and parents of learners who have specific learning difficulties.

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Margaret Bevan originally trained as a primary teacher, but has worked as a specialist teacher  and advisor through the age range, course tutor  and assessor, and lecturer for the past 25 years. She has devised many maths resources and written the book Word Maps and From Print to Cursive

Valerie Hammond also originally trained as a primary teacher then worked as a specialist teacher and advisor through the age range, course tutor and assessor, and lecturer  for the past 25 years. She has devised many multisensory literacy resources and written the books Simple Syllable Analysis, Rewrite One and Rewrite Two.

The company has thrived thanks to the many wonderful tutors we employ, most of whom have been trained at the center.


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Handwriting Practice Book

Inside the front cover are body, paper and pencil positioning guidelines and inside the back cover is an individual checklist for the rules of handwriting.

Times table game - four in a row

This game focuses on the tables 2 - 9. It can be played by a group of children working on a particular table.

Trigger/revision cards

These blank cards on an openable robust ring, can be used to create a set of individualized trigger/revision cards.